Report: Harnessing The Power of Business To End Modern Slavery

With an estimated 45.8 million people in modern slavery, it is time for all hands on deck to respond to this crime. This report provides an introduction to modern slavery, maps how modern slavery impacts on supply chains, and makes the case for why governments need to require business to take action on this issue.

Slavery Alert: Consumer Polls

Walk Free Foundation surveyed consumers in UK, USA, Brazil and India to understand the factors that impact on their purchasing decisions. Findings reveal most consumers would take action – either through switching brands or paying more – to avoid purchasing goods made with modern slavery. View each country's key findings here:

Guide overview

“business needs to step up and tackle the crisis of modern slavery in supply chains head-on. This Guide provides the strongest asset for companies to be informed on how to do this.”

Of the 45.8 million people estimated by the Global Slavery Index to be enslaved worldwide, the majority are victims of exploitation in private sector activities, such as manufacturing, construction and agriculture. Forced labour and slavery is big business. The illicit profit estimated by the ILO is 150 billion dollars a year.

Tackling Modern Slavery in Supply Chains: A Guide outlines step-by-step what companies can and must do to eliminate slavery from their business. The guide provides practical guidance and tools that businesses, governments, organisations and non-profits can start implementing immediately.

The Guide is intended to be used by organizations who want concrete guidance on how to reduce or eliminate risk of modern slavery occurring in their supply chains, either as direct or indirect result of their procurement practices. It’s relevant to all governments and any other organisation wishing to tackle slavery in their supply chains.

This is version 1.0 of the Guide which provides only for the basics of what a company should undertake. There are some companies that are doing significantly more today and we expect as companies adopt the Guide they will naturally innovate and significantly improve on the recommended processes. We are thus releasing the Guide now to help companies get started. As we receive feedback, we anticipate releasing a 2.0 version. Modern slavery awareness is increasing fast (the Walk Free movement grows 50,000 people per week) and consumers will increasingly demand more responsibility from their favourite brands. The Guide is an opportunity for companies to get ahead of the curve on this issue.

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